2017 Symposium

2017 annual Symposium on Identifying Predators and Survivor Support: Understanding the Motives and Methods of the Child Sexual Super Predator

July 29, 2017 in Somerset, Pennyslvania.

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There is no better way to protect a child from the Super Predator (the serial pedophile who specifically targets churches and other religious organizations), than to understand who he is “behind the scenes.” The focus of the Symposium is to give the public a glimpse into what these deceptive predators are like when they are behind bars, when they don’t think they are being watched.


  • A pastor, (Jimmy Hinton) who turned in his own father (a retired pastor) for sexually abusing multiple children, within the congregation and in the community. The perpetrator is now serving 30-60 years for multiple counts of child rape.
  • A prison Parole Supervisor, who will describe what he has consistently found with these “wolves in sheep’ clothing,” as he has interviewed thousands of sex offenders for the possibility of parole recommendations.
  • Two former prison sex offender treatment therapists, (Jon Uhler and colleague) who will discuss their concerns with: (1) the deficiencies of the current assessment tool being used nation-wide (the STATIC-99R) to assess and recommend the level of treatment (High vs. Moderate vs. Low Intensity) for child pedophiles, enabling the Super Predators and Sexually Violent Predators to be assigned Low Intensity Treatment, and (2) serious (and dangerous) deficiencies of current sex offender therapy being provided in many prisons to “treat” serious pedophiles, all of which are enabling dangerous wolves to re-enter society sooner than they should, to convince others that they “successfully completed treatment” while incarcerated, and to be equipped with additional knowledge to manipulate others with the knowledge they gained from their “therapy.”
  • A prison chaplain, who will provide a glimpse into what the religiously-inclined pedophile is really like behind bars as they involve themselves in “religious acivities.”
  • Personal testimonies by: 2 survivors of the same Super Predator; the unsuspecting wife of a Super Predator; and the daughter of a “well respected denominational leader,” who attempted to murder his wife and children, once the news of his perpetration against his infant daughter became known.
  • Time for Q&A with the presenters (with questions being submitted by those in attendance, and by those watching vie the live webinar.

6 hrs. of CEUs from the PA State Board of Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors. State Board approval #: SWCE190153.

General Admission: Free
Cost for CEU certificate (includes admission):
for professionals: $100
for Interns and Students: $50

Verification of Attendance Certificates free with paid Admission. Refreshments and symposium materials provided;
lunch “on your own.”

"Love always protects" (1 Cor. 13:7).