Jimmy Hinton

DSC_8075-2Jimmy Hinton grew up in Shanksville, PA just over a mile from where United 93 went down on 9/11. He is a faithful husband, father of 3 beautiful children, and a full time minister. In 2011, he discovered that his father was a pedophile and that he had been for his entire adult life. Just as troubling to Jimmy was the fact that, despite having two degrees and years of experience in ministry, nothing and no one had prepared him for the impact this would have on his family, community, and church. In fact, even though over 90% of pedophiles identify themselves as religious, this is one topic churches remain the most naïve about. Churches are inviting targets, yet many Christians don’t have a clue that pedophiles are worshiping and easily offending among them. The lack of educational and training materials for churches, and the endless number of children being abused every day confirms this sad reality. Churches remain vulnerable and children are still being abused by the millions.

Jimmy is uniquely qualified to help churches detect and prevent abuse. All research to date has been done from the outside looking in. Researchers in the field of child sexual abuse are not ministers, so they don’t know all of the delicate intricacies of walking a church through the grief of abuse. Researchers have not lived with pedophiles, so no part of their research is observable in the pedophile’s real life, where abusers are finessing their way into bed with our children. And researchers do not have close relationships with the abusers they study, so very little information abusers give can ever be confirmed. Jimmy is a researcher who ministers at a church, has lived with his pedophile father for 20 years, reported his own father to authorities, maintains close contact with his incarcerated father and his father’s victims, and has focused his research on specific tactics abusers use to easily gain access to children while covertly gaining the blessing of adults. Jimmy’s presentations unlock the “magician’s code” of pedophiles so that audience members can actually experience step-by-step, in real time, how child abusers move a child from the parents’ arms into the arms of the abuser. It is time to move away from the fact that abusers are gaining access to our children and onto showing people exactly how they are gaining access.

"Love always protects" (1 Cor. 13:7).