Online Consulting & Trainings

Confidential Crisis Intervention via Video Conference

Able to be convened within 72 hrs. of the call

$85 per hour.  Jon Uhler, MS will conduct an in-depth consultation for church leaders needing initial crisis intervention for suspected child abuse.

This option is specifically for churches who have an allegation of suspected abuse emerge and need an immediate response.  Many church leaders are blindsided when an allegation arises and are unsure of how to proceed.

Church leaders can schedule an online consultation within 72 hours of contacting Church Protect.  They will receive quality assistance from Jon to help them understand mandated reporting laws, implications for the congregation, whether leaders should confront the alleged abuser, whether they should report, what to expect from the media, and how to inform the congregation.
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Confidential Online Video Case Consultation

$125 per hour. Jon Uhler, MS will conduct individual case consultation for ministers, church boards, or concerned elders who need assistance with anything related to concerns and/or abuse-related issues within the church.

This is a good option where there is not an allegation of abuse per se, but perhaps church leaders suspect that there may be inappropriate behavior that has occurred and are unsure how to proceed.  Church leaders may also be concerned that there are areas of vulnerability within their churches and need advice for how to better protect their flock.
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Online video trainings

1-25 participants…..$150 per hour

25-100 participants… $200 per hour

100-200 participants…$250 per hour

Content tailored to suit.  Great for churches that are equipped with a computer, projector, and sound system.  If you cannot bring us to you in person, you can still benefit from hosting a training seminar via webinar software.  Many churches would like to offer their teachers, elders, deacons, ministers, parents, or other volunteers quality training in the area of abuse but cannot afford to send them to abuse seminars.  Now we can stream the seminar to your church while targeting your specific audience.

Whether you’d like to only train church leaders, or Sunday school teachers, or do it for your whole church, we can tailor these trainings for your specific needs. Why watch a pre-recorded training video when you can have a tailored live training and interact with the trainers, asking specific questions concerning your church?
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Webinar Links During Live Training Events

$15 per person

During limited live training events that Jon conducts, we will offer a link to register for the event online.  When we are on the ground teaching a live audience, anyone anywhere in the world can join us on the internet!


"Love always protects" (1 Cor. 13:7).