Survivors’ Support Services

Hello, and welcome to Church Protect’s Survivors’ Support Services area!

We’re glad you’ve made the courageous step to reach out for support.  On this page we are sharing a variety of resources with you, some created here at Church Protect, as well as outside services around the nation. We hope you find these resources helpful for healing from sexual abuse.

We encourage you to connect with other survivors of sexual abuse on our private online support forum for survivors.

Please introduce yourself on our message forum. This forum is meant for survivors of sexual abuse/rape to encourage and share with one another. Feel free to write about any  topics relevant to healing, what you’re struggling with, and requests for support. Please always remain respectful of other members of the group.

Forum FAQ:

Is the forum private?

Yes. We respect the privacy of all survivors. The forum is a members only area that cannot be viewed by non-members. Our survivor on staff is also moderator of the forum.

How do I create a membership?

When you click on the “Join forum” image below the FAQ, you will be prompted to create a new username and password to gain access (or sign in with an existing profile). You must then wait for approval to log in.

I created a username and password. Why am I unable to sign in?

Upon creating a membership login, you will have to wait for approval from the forum moderator to enter, usually within one business day.

Who can read what I post in the forum?

Only other sexual abuse survivors who have created membership and the forum moderator, Alex (introduced above on this page), who is also a survivor herself.

What can I expect from this forum?

This forum was created as a place for survivors of sexual abuse to connect with other survivors in a safe environment. It is a very small group of women who are friendly and supportive. You can choose to share only what you feel comfortable sharing. We hope that you will find this setting encouraging and supportive.

Will the forum members see my name and location?

No. You can create a username that doesn’t use your real name for anonymity if that’s what you prefer. Current members have only shared their first names. You are under no obligation to post information about your identity or location that you do not wish to share with other members.

Who will see the information that I fill out when creating my member login?

Only the forum moderator. These details will NEVER be shared publicly. They are requested only to ensure that you’re a real person and not a spam bot.

Ready to get started? Click the image below to create your username and password.

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 Other resources for survivors:

A message for CSA survivors from Jimmy Hinton, Church Protect CEO

Words from a Survivor

Cyndi, who is a dear friend of ours at Church Protect, had the courage to share the story of her abuse and her recovery in the video below. Please take some time to listen to her words and know that you are not alone.

Recommended Books for Survivors

Not Marked
From Sorrows to Sapphires
The Sexual Healing Journey
The Courage to Heal
The Courage to Heal Workbook
Stumbling Toward Faith
It's OK to Tell

Recommended Books for Loved Ones of Survivors

When a Woman You Love
When a Man You Love
The Body Keeps Score

Find additional book recommendations on our general Resources page.

Other Helpful Resources

  • Find a Christian counselor in your area – AACC

  • Find sexual assault help services near you – RAINN

  • Kerri Chronicles – Kerri is an adult survivor who suffered years of sexual abuse as a child by her brothers. She journals her story and thoughts in blog form and wants you to know that happiness is possible.
  • Voice Today – Angela Williams is a survivor of child sex abuse at the hands of her step father. Voice Today is truly one of the best resources out there for empowering survivors. Angela is not only passionate on giving a voice to survivors, but is equally dedicated to prevention of abuse. She has written numerous books, training workbooks, and conducts training workshops all over the U.S.
  • Mary Demuth is a bestselling author and speaker. She is a survivor of severe childhood rape and trauma. Mary is a follower of Jesus and is bold in telling her story. She regularly blogs, publishes books, and speaks. Her heart is tuned to helping other survivors find healing.
  • Treasures is a unique, faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry, including victims of commercialized sexual exploitation and trafficking. Through Treasures Trainings, they are committed to train, equip and mobilize other churches and leaders to develop sex industry outreaches in their communities.

Survivors’ Blog

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