What people are saying about Church Protect:

“I’d like to thank both of you for your program and information shared at Amherst. My head is still spinning from the exposure to understanding the mind of why some abusers do what they do. You were both extremely helpful and knowledgeable of this heart wrenching topic that affects so many people. May the Lord bless your work to help others with this difficult matter – it is truly a work that needs attention and exposure. Love is truly a verb – it is known by what it does.”

“For some years I have worked on projects and programs with Jimmy Hinton of Somerset, PA… He has been asked to present on several programs at Ohio Valley University, a Christian school associated with churches of Christ. In each case, the response has been favorable. Together Jimmy and I worked on a workshop for church leaders, especially elders, which we hosted on campus. Jimmy worked with energy and efficiency to make this workshop a remarkable resource for area congregations… Let me say that Jimmy Hinton’s experiences over the past couple of years have well-prepared him to help congregations facing the unthinkable. I welcome any inquiry about Jimmy and urge others to take advantage of his skills.”

– Dr. Harold Shank, president of Ohio Valley University

“My name is Les Ferguson, Jr. It is my sincere hope and desire that you have never heard my name before today. I would love to wake up in a world where I was just the same old me I had always been before. I would love to know that when you Googled my name there was nothing of substance to be found.

“But unfortunately that is not the reality of my life. On October 10, 2011, my world was changed forever. Were you to Google my name, you’d read the story of a double murder, a wife and a son. You’d get a hint of the backstory, but not quite all of the excruciating details. Those details include the multiple rapes of a mentally and physically disabled son. You’d eventually figure out that all of these horrors were perpetrated by a member of the local church for which I preached.

“Enter Jimmy Hinton–my friend, brother, and co-worker in the fight against the wicked evils done to our children. Jimmy has his own story of horror to share—but instead of curling up in a ball of depression, instead of sticking his head in the sand, Jimmy has come out swinging in what is the fight of our lives. If you have ever worried about child sexual abuse in your family, church, school, or any other group or organization, Jimmy is the man who will know what you are dealing with and how best to make it stop.I cannot recommend Jimmy highly enough. He is a warrior and will fight with you and for you. I am proud to call him my friend.

“God bless us all.”

– Les Ferguson, Jr., Lake Harbour Drive Church of Christ, Ridgeland, MS

"Love always protects" (1 Cor. 13:7).