Recommended Books:

Gene Abel
Van Dam
Not with My Child
Stumbling Toward Faith
I said no
Not Marked
From Sorrows to Sapphires

Recommended Links:
Mary DeMuth is a bestselling author and speaker. She is a survivor of severe childhood rape and trauma. Mary is a follower of Jesus and is bold in telling her story. She regularly blogs, publishes books, and speaks. Her heart is tuned to helping other survivors find healing.
Lauren Book is a survivor of child sex abuse and has written some excellent curriculum. Her site is a great resource for parents, teachers, daycare providers, and foster parents. There is a free online course for foster parents based on trauma informed care techniques.
A site by author Clara Hinton, Silent Grief, that journals her marriage to a pedophile and aims to inform others of signs and patterns of the abuser.
Les is a preacher and personal friend whose 21 year old disabled son was sexually abused and raped by a very trusted church member. When turned into the police, the perpetrator brutally murdered Les’ wife and son before driving to his own house and committing suicide. Les and his other children are left to pick up the pieces and try to find God in the midst of darkness and despair.
The Kanakuk Child Protection Plan is one of the most comprehensive plans in the nation. It is well researched, well planned, and is effective in reducing risk at Youth Serving Organizations.
The Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center (NCPTC) works to end child abuse, neglect and other forms of child maltreatment in three generations through education, training, awareness, prevention, advocacy and the pursuit of justice. The center has trained over 40,000 child protection professionals in all 50 states and 17 countries.
Dr. Shelley Lubben is a former porn star who now has ministries to help women get out of the business. Her research is top notch in the area of sexuality and her experience makes her authentic.
Treasures is a unique, faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry, including victims of commercialized sexual exploitation and trafficking. Through Treasures Trainings, they are committed to train, equip and mobilize other churches and leaders to develop sex industry outreaches in their communities.
Together We Heal is for any who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). It exists to provide guidance and counseling to those in need, educate any who seek information on how to better protect our children and to expose the sexual predators and their methods. TWH works with schools, religious groups,civic organizations or in a home full of concerned parents. Their desire is to prevent children from enduring the trauma of CSA, and to help those who have already been assaulted begin the process of healing.

"Love always protects" (1 Cor. 13:7).