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This is a brand new site on child sex abuse detection and prevention and I would like to welcome you! This site is by no means complete and will continually expand and be updated. This site is designed for those who have questions about child molestation and pedophilia and who want to take a stand to become more educated in order to help protect children from sexual abuse. It is also a place for victims of abuse to find answers and healing.

As the son of a pedophile who maintains regular contact with his father, though he is currently serving a 30-60 year sentence, I also maintain regular contact with many victims of child sexual abuse. It is a complex web and after reading countless books, having countless conversations with pedophiles, counselors of pedophiles, victims, and victims’ counselors, and after spending countless hours wrestling with God and coming to grips with the sheer determination of pedophiles to offend and abuse millions of innocent children, I humbly submit that there are no easy solutions or answers. In other words, we cannot reduce a solution to the problem with a simple prayer or a one page cheat-sheet on what pedophiles look like and how we keep our kids from them.

As a minister, I have a particular interest in training churches in detection and prevention, though I do train other professionals and the general public. Some reliable statistics show that a little over 90% of pedophiles are regular church goers, yet until my father was caught 2 years ago, I had gone my entire life without hearing a single church speak on the topic of child sexual abuse. Not a whisper. No churches that I’ve ever been to had policies in place to protect children from predators. Many predators specifically target churches precisely because of the naivety of Christians in general and the groomability of our children. This can and should change.

This site will be a place where we all can hash out our questions, share information, educate one another, cry together, and offer a glimmer of hope to the millions of children who are currently or who have already been abused. I’ve transferred a few blogs over from another site and will continue to blog solely on this site from now on. And again I say, “Welcome!”

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  1. Jimmy, I’m looking forward to all of the information you have to share! Thanks so much for having the courage to speak out on this subject! It’s time we break the silence!

    1. Thanks, ma! It’s encouraging that people do want to learn about it and help ensure that we keep our kids safe.

  2. Thank you for what you’re doing! I worked for a non-profit organization for years that drilled their detailed policy on child abuse into our heads. We listened to/read the policy and signed off on it once a year, submitted to background checks, references and interviews when we were hired, and then periodically after that. There was a zero-tolerance policy if anything turned up, and an instant sabbatical if there were to be even the smallest accusation at any time during your time as a volunteer or paid worker, and there was a clear line of action to follow if a child came to you with an accusation against anyone else. You couldn’t even hold a Bible club without at least two screened workers present, and any individual counseling had to be done within sight of the rest of the group. Even with all of that in place, they still covered the entire issue in much prayer, knowing that even with all of the items on the list checked off, if one wrong person slipped through the system, it could destroy the entire ministry, along with children we were seeking to reach.

    It always makes me cringe when I see churches allowing just anybody to be part of the children’s ministry, without any type of screening whatsoever.

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Policies are good for a number of reasons. At the top of the list they are designed to protect the innocent and build in high levels of accountability. Another thing they do is let survivors of abuse know that they are at a place that takes seriously the protection of children. It also lets would-be pedophiles know that in order to offend, they are going to have to work darn hard at it. I like that your organization reinforced the policy and that the workers knew the policy well. It’s good to hear that there are organizations that do have good policies in place. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jimmy, thank you for speaking out and helping to educate us. I knew you were pretty awesome when I first got to meet you at the grief retreat. This just helps reinforce that. God bless you and be with you and yours.

    1. Thanks, Melody! I have been put in a unique situation where I can provide education, wrestle with deep theological issues, and offer healing. May God bless you and your family.

  4. Thank you for using your experience toward empowering others. I’ve just entered the Sexual Assault field and find this site immensely helpful. Linked to you from Les Ferguson’s blog.

    1. God bless you, Linda. You may want to check out my resources page, if you haven’t done so already. I’ve listed some of the top books to get people’s feet wet on the subject. There are a lot of bad books, mediocre books, and technical books out there. I tried to avoid the headaches of wading through all of it by recommending my top picks so far. Also, I just made available the pdf. file of my presentations that I did at a workshop. It is on my store page at the bottom. There is a lot of useful information there, too. Keep searching, we need more people out there who are willing to deal with this tough subject and educate others.

  5. Our church has policies in place,but no one really follows the policices. We have one registered offender (child molestation) who attends regularly. Our children do not participate in the programs unless one of us can be with them. I don’t even allow them to go to the bathroom by themselves. I took a class on child sexual abuse at a homeschool conference recently and, as hard as it is to read some of the pedophile statements here, I am following yours and your Mom’s blog to get educated. This subject quite frankly scares the HELL out of me!!

    1. It is sad when churches either don’t have policies or they don’t follow them. We gravely underestimate the damage that is done in secret. I was told by several people (some professionals in this field), “Just don’t cause people to be anxious or paranoid.” I don’t believe in spreading paranoia but to pretend like it’s not a problem is quite damaging to the kids who are being forced into sex acts with adults. It should scare the hell out of all of us. Then after we are scared, we should do something about it! God bless you for reading on. It is not an easy subject to read or write about. I hate every second of it. But we press on.

  6. Thank you for starting up this blog! It is much needed and has a lot of great information given in a very short period of time! I found your blog via your mother and can’t thank you both enough for your willingness to speak out and educate others. I read through your posts backwards and the one regarding boundaries is absolutely spot on! I hope you expound and share more. There can never be too much! God bless you on your journey and again, thank you!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! And thank you for reading. It is not easy material to wade through, but it is so necessary.

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