Thank you for coming to Church Protect! We are here to help churches and other youth serving organizations guard against abusers who make our places their playgrounds by violating God’s most innocent and vulnerable. We are working diligently to produce the best training resources in the nation to help churches keep their children safe from predators.

Together we can stop childhood sexual abuse.

The battle against child sexual abuse is one we cannot fight alone. We need people like you, who share in our interests to keep children safe, to take action. With 42 million survivors of child sex abuse living in the United States, it is nearly impossible to find a church that doesn’t have victims of abuse.

Sadly, most abuse remains undetected, and most alleged cases are not reported by church leaders to the authorities. We must keep the conversation going. Silence only allows perpetrators to continue creating victims. We are experts in detection and prevention of abuse.

Please contact us if you’re interested in partnering with us or holding a training or seminar for your congregation or organization so that we can teach you to take preventative action and ensure that your church is a safe place for children.



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"Love always protects" (1 Cor. 13:7).