Thank you for coming to Church Protect! We are here to help churches and other organizations learn how to accurately identify the most sophisticated of sexual predators abusers, and learn how to best support survivors in their midst.

Is your church or organization prepared to adequately identify and address what we call the 2 Levels of threat posed by child predators?

Only Church Protect’s training can help with both Threat Levels posed by the most sophisticated of child sexual predators.


Uniquely designed, developed, and delivered by an expert licensed professional counselor, who spent over a decade working intensively in a clinical forensic capacity with nearly 4000 incarcerated sex offenders (including Sexually Violent Predators), Church Protect is the ONLY available training on the market, that is  qualified to adequately address both Threat Levels from a “behind the scenes” perspective.

Churches, ministries, camps, schools, youth sports, and a wide variety of human service organization are awakening to the reality that it is simply not enough to ensure their children and youth are safe by going through the legally mandated process of Screening (via questionnaires,  employee and volunteer criminal background clearances, and  Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training courses). Far too many predators make it through those screening procedures, only to perpetrate right under the watchful eyes of the “trained” adults around them.

So, what is missing? Simply, a way to meaningfully identify the more sophisticated predators, AND to ensure they will not perpetrate. Only a training that addresses the 2 Levels of threat posed by the predator can truly ensure their young people are as safe as possible.

Threat Level 1:

The Predator’s ability to remain undetected.

A training must be able to identify the characteristics and methods of the sexual predator. This level of training assesses personality characteristic of the most dangerous predators, and the “slight of hand” techniques they employ to not only remain undetected but also to be able to perpetrate right under the watchful eye of the most protective adults.

A lack of understanding at this Level will enable the most sophisticated of wolves to gain easy access to the sheep. Sadly the US Gymnastics Committee failed at this level, and Dr. Larry Nassar was able to perpetrate against many young people for nearly two decades.

Level 2

The Predator’s ability to manipulate by preemptively “disclosing.”

This level is achieved by the most sophisticated and the most dangerous of sexual predators. And, it is this level where the most sophisticated of predators are MOST likely to target those church or organizations with the most extensive screening processes, child abuse policies, and safety procedures. Thus, only a training which affords a glimpse into the mind and motives of the various kinds of sexual predators will be able to help at this level.

At this level, the predator will not only voluntarily disclose, but also present as both repentant and in need of support. Unless the church or organization has received professional training on the various kinds of sexual offenders, the degrees of reprobation, and afforded a “behind the scenes” look into the mind and the motives of the most sophisticated of child sexual predators, then the training has been lacking in terms of ability to discern which sexual perpetrator can be helped vs. which  still presents a threat.

This all-important level of training is best conducted by a professional clinician, who not only has been clinically certified in the assessment of psychopathy (utilizing the PCL-R), and is able to help the church or organization identify (1) where on the continuum of psychopathy particular kinds of perpetrators lie, (2) which perpetrators able to be rehabilitated. and (3) which will likely perpetrate when given the opportunity.


Please contact us if you’re interested in holding a training or seminar for your congregation or organization so that we can teach you to take preventative action and ensure that you have done all you can do to prevent predators from creating any more victims.



"Love always protects" (1 Cor. 13:7).