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Mar 2020

In the following, you will find a compilation of "Tweets" and "Posts" by Church Protect's Founder, Jon K. Uhler, MS, LPC @JonKUhlerLPC  

Facebook/JonUhler ). These represent a small portion of what he addresses each month, as he focuses on a wide variety of topics dealing with both Predators and Survivors.

As Church Protect's mission is to educate churches and other organizations on the true nature of the most sophisticated of Predators (those who specifically select churches and people of faith as their "primary targets of opportunity"), the information contained in these bite-sized nuggets of truth are designed to equip the reader to better understand the inner world and mindset of the Sophisticated Sexual Predator, in order to equip good people to better protect children and other vulnerable individuals from such Predators.

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 5.42.13 PM.png
In light of the confusion created by the mani-made psychological ruse called "Gender Fluidity", parents are often hard-pressed to know what to do when their child or teens comes home from school and suddenly announces that they believe they are "non-binary." It is important at that point, for parents to maintain open communication with their child, as it usually means that someone or something has created that confusion within the young person's mind.
What would I recommend to that parent or teen? First, spend time on the blog post I created which addresses some very important aspects of this Movement that is sweeping youth culture. Second, I would begin looking for a good therapist, who is not agenda-driven (they call themselves "gender therapists"). You want a therapist who has worked extensively with the full continuum of kids, from your average teens to those who are noted to be Severely Emotionally Disturbed, as that therapist will likely have the context to know what it is that is impacting your child.
In this day and age of predators who look for opportunities to groom kids, you can't be too careful who it is that will be working with your child. It is not enough to take them at their word re. what kind of therapist they, what their spiritual perspective is, or where they went to grad school, because far too many charlatans have worked their way into being so-called therapists, who became licensed, yet are anything but truly competent. In fact, truth be told, many are now agenda-driven toward influencing kids. And, a growing number of these so-called therapists are actually into very deviant sexual activities, such as "Kink", and belong to deviant groups such as Furries, which have an extremely large number of porn-fueled deviants within their ranks. A simple Google search of "Furrie anime" and "Furrie arrested" will produce some very sobering information about the dangers for kids within the "Furrie Fandom."
Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 3.58.36 AM.png
Though I had never heard of Furries prior to working with sophisticated pedophiles in sex offender treatment (it turns out that Furries is one of their favorite grooming methods, as 100% of their identity can be concealed, and parents seem to be fine with letting their kids go up to perfect strangers as long as their wearing a bright fun costume), it turns out that embedded within the ranks of Furries are an extremely large number of porn-fueled sexual deviants. As such, it is important to screen them for competence and for where they stand with regard to such "entertainment" as "Kink" (Fifty Shades of Grey   Toward that end, I offer the following post to provide you with something to screen any potential therapist who might work with your child: 
Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 5.25.58 PM.png
Simply put, Furries has an extremely large number of porn-fueled deviants embedded within their ranks. Doubt that? Take a listen to someone who decided he could no longer be a part of the Furrie Fandom, after being a part of it for years. Those involved in Furries know the reality of what goes on when parents and the public aren't watching... they just hope that it doesn't leak out. But it is leaking out. And, the sewage and cult-like dynamics within the Furrie Community is being unmasked.
But... to understand what young people are being exposed to... especially "gender confused kids... once they get involved with the Furrie Community, you might as well brace yourself to discover what really happens in there.
Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 5.47.30 PM.png
Given the level of deviance within Furries, and the number of "gender therapists" who either involve themselves in Furries or find nothing to be concerned about that group for youth... given the high degree of deviant sexual activities and grooming that takes place within their activities... it is important to screen them for competence, and to find out where they stand with regard to such "entertainment" as "Kink." In addition to interviewing them, find out what social media they use, and visit their page(s), as that will reveal much about them. If they are into "Kink", I can assure you they are porn-saturated, and have become very warped in terms of normal sexuality. 
Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 8.20.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 5.10.33 AM.png
These so-called therapists will inevitably influence your child in a very dangerous direction, as they simply can't help themselves. Despite their assertions that they are "values neutral," they are anything but neutral. Doubt that? Look at what they post, what they write about, and what kinds of workshop presentations they give. That will tell you all you need to know.    
Toward that end of assisting parents with a screening instrument, I offer the following post to provide you with something to screen any potential therapist who might work with your child: 
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