Church Protect's research is unique, and has yielded the most insightful findings of any such research today.
How were we able to obtain such findings? Because, when dealing with sexual predators, you have to be more adept at obtaining the truth than they are at hiding it.
To see what it takes to produce reliable and valid findings when researching this population, use the menu to the left to see how our findings were obtained, and to see a sample of those findings. The information is but a part of what is included in Church Protect's training.
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Research into Predators
Within the filed of research into Sexual Predators, there are those who've conducted research from the confines of their offices, who will claim they've studied predators, as they have utilized closely controlled conditions, psych assessments, and even have had access to high tech brain imaging. That, they say, gives them the cutting edge when it comes to producing definitive results. 
However, truth be told, the ability to study predators within an office setting, is inherently flawed in terms of methodology, and will only yield limited results as the numbers of participants will be limited to those within an outpatient setting and within "a controlled environment", which is the opposite of what is necessary, as sophisticated predators are masters of manipulation and impression management. Meaning, they know what is expected, know how to work such setting toward their own ends, and will give the researchers what they believe he wants, so long as they the Predators benefit.
In terms of brain scan results, those are useful in showing that the brains of men who lust are different. However, they can't show you scientifically how that happened. The inconvenient truth is that the scans of men who lust after kids, are remarkably similar to those who are porn addicted, and to those who are psychopathic. Meaning, unless the participant's online porn use can be objectively and independently verified and monitored (as they will inevitably deny accessing child porn), then the any brain imaging in those clients must presume that such measurable differences in brain imaging is due to significant and progressive porn use.
So, given what's on the line in terms of the safety of public safety (especially the safety of women and children), it is important to carefully consider the background of the researcher, the access he had to sexual predators, his methods of studying them, and his motives for studying them. Sadly, there are a number of researchers who are invested in swaying public opinion, public policy, legislation, and legal decisions toward viewing the perpetrator as less of a predator than he really is, shifting sympathies away from the victims and onto the predator.
In the following, you'll read some important insights into researching sexual predators. For an in-depth look into what it takes to study predators properly (to ensure both valid and reliable findings), click on the link to the left 'Research Methods & Challenges'.
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Continuum of Sex Offenders

Though there are a number of clinical categories used when discussing and treating sex offenders, based upon 11+ years of clinical work with incarcerated sex offenders, it was deemed they can best be understood in terms of a continuum of underlying issues, dynamics, and degrees of deviance, depravity, intentionality, motivation, and sadistic satisfaction.


As such, we offer the following chart to help with understanding the full range of sex offenders, and their corresponding inner drives and motivation. 

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Predators are Extreme

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When talking about sexual predators, it is important to understand what we are vs. are not asserting. We are NOT asserting that all sexual offenders are predators. We are saying that a sexual predator is at the very extreme of the continuum of criminals in general, and sex offenders in particular.


As we note, there are approximately 8 different kinds of sex offenders, ranging from the "Young & Dumb" (e.g. those who had just graduated from high school and still socialized with high schoolers, and sexually went too far with a high school girl who he had still been dating), all the way to the sophisticated predator pedophile. It is the category of sex offenders who represent the kinds of perpetrators who methodically and strategically hunt and seek out after defrauding, defiling, and traumatizing their selected victims. Those are what we refer to as the Predator. And, it is among that group, that we find those who represent the greatest threat to churches, as they specifically select churches as their favorite targets of opportunity.


The following posts will highlight in a number of ways the extent of the predators' darkened hearts, their intentionality, their calculating methods, and their strategies, both within churches and within society, in order to try to:

(1) change terms and definitions,

(2) change public perception of them from predators to well-meaning, well-intended, and caring,

(3) float the idea that they were born attracted to children or "hard wired" as "loving" (deviant code for lust) and thus not calculating,

(4) hide the extensive amount of dark, heinous, violent, hard core & child porn they consume on a regular basis, 

(5) normalize their deviance,

(6) gain easier access to kids,

(7) obtain a greater degree of public acceptance by which they can groom in plain sight,

(8) to make it more difficult for good people to resist their designs to make pedophilia legal, and

(9) negate any legal sanctions that might befall them.    

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Progression of Deviance

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The "dirt little secret" that pedophiles want to keep away from public scrutiny is the extent of their porn use. 11+ years of conducting sex offender treatment with incarcerated sex offenders clearly revealed just how porn-saturated every pedophile (or as they are now attempting to call themselves, "Minor Attracted Persons, or MAPs) is, and just how dark and deviant the nature of their porn is, which always includes tons of child porn.


They will strongly react to anyone who reveals this reality, and will do so with all the energy, persistence, and contrived emotions and arguments they can muster. Yet, when they encounter someone who will not be diverted from the reality of their porn use, they will try to normalize its use.





















The following are a few of excerpts from an online "exchange" between a self-ascribed "MAP" and Jon Uhler, MS, LPC. Note how easily he lies, how slippery he is to pin down, and how long it takes for him to actually admit that he views porn. What he will not acknowledge, as a pedophile, is that he extensively views child porn. That is what he wants to keep out of the spotlight. And, this is the level of deceptiveness and deviance of anyone who has sexually offended a child.    

The reality is that Pedophiles have spent an incredible amount of focused energy to reach the point to where they lust after a child. They will deny the amount of time they have spent in dark porn, and the reality of the progressive nature their porn viewing. They will maintain that they are moral, yet the reality behind the scenes is far different from what they let on. They are simply counting on the average person never finding out how darkened and porn-filled their lives have become as a result of their progression into dark sex and child porn.

The following progression was obtained from countless inmate interviews case studies, and criminal file reviews, while working with thousands of incarcerated sex offenders (over a 1000 of those being Pedophiles), over the period of 11+yrs. 

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Degrees of Callousness
The Sexual Predator's  Motivation
in Offending

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The Truth of Predators

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Addicts vs. Predators