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Aug. 2018

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This chart (which is a part of Church Protect's intensive training), originally designed for use with incarcerated sex offenders, is an attempt to help illustrate how porn will not only pull a person off the straight-and-narrow path, but also generates a very real internal dynamic, which moves the user down a very dangerous and slippery slope.


Once a person steps onto that slope, an inevitable downward pull begins, which will progress toward a very relationally-empty, morally-bankrupt, and spiritually-darkened state. On the way down, an inner twisting take place, where what used to be right-and-wrong becomes reversed, and what used to be deviant ends up becoming quite normal and desirable. Most importantly, as the person progresses downward, and as they become more hurtful in their treatment of others, God's care and concerns for them changes instead into care and concern for those they are hurting.


As such, the further "into" porn a man gets, the more he uses others, the more deviant he becomes, the more he ignores his conscience, the more he develops an ability to deceive others, the more he violates the trust of others, and the more he uses people for his own ends, the more he puts himself in opposition to God's protective heart for those being used, hurt, and oppressed. Should he continue to ignore:

(1) the warning of his conscience,

(2) the pain he is generating in the lives of those he is hurting, 

(3) the darkness that he is embracing,

(4) the very real boundaries he is electing to cross,

(5) the increasing ease with which he is able to deceive others,

(6) the morally depraved material and activities with which he has become engaged, and

(7) the steps the Lord has already taken on his behalf to get him to turn around before he heads over the falls,

he will morph into someone who perpetrates oppression and evil, who the Lord will intend to stop on behalf of the cries of those being hurt by his selfishness.    

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