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The following podcasts deal with topics deemed to be of significant importance for those wanting to become educated on the issues pertaining to the most sophisticated of Sexual Predators
The Push to Legalize Prostitution
Pt. 1.  What's behind the push?

We're told that legalizing prostitution will:

(1) make women safer,

(2) will lead to the empowerment of women in "sex work",

(3) will decrease the criminal element as it will be governed by the laws of "supply & demand, &

(4) will decrease the numbers of minors being trafficked.


But, what's the reality? And, who's really behind the push toward the legalization of prostitution? This multiple-part series will look into each of these claims, to discern the truth from the sales pitch.

The Dangers of College Sex Week
A Reporter's Thoughts on the Trans Movement
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Jon Uhler is a licensed professional counselor with a background in Science and Seminary. Jon chats with host, Lisa Landry, about his work with, a group dedicated to keeping predators out of leadership positions, the launch of his new website and his experiences with a former clients, some of whom are survivors of Ritualistic Sexual Abuse.

Jon Uhler, LPC, has counseled violent inmates and their victims. During this second part of an interview with Lisa Landry, Jon explains the differences between psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists.
How young children are set-up to become sexual offenders.
A real-time analysis and commentary of a popular home video, posted on social media sites, depicting what some might call "harmless fun" between an adult woman and a young child. Though, little does this woman know that she is, in reality, setting the stage for this child, when he grows older, to be able to cross sexual boundaries (offend) without giving it much thought.
With insights and information derived from 11+ yrs of working in a clinical forensic capacity with approximately 4000 incarcerated sex offenders of all kinds, this video hopes to shed light on something that may seem harmless, but is in actuality setting-up children to criminally offend when they get older.
Sex Bots are quickly becoming big business. Are these simply weird "Adult Toys," or something potentially very dark and dangerous?
Ever wonder about "Sex Bots? Given that they are now being marketed aggressively, featured on primetime cable shows, and now being purchased at an increasingly alarming rate by men, it is only a matter of time until "researchers" not only try to normalize these, but also make the case that they are actually a relatively "normal" thing to include in one's life, and may even provide a measure of public safety, as sex offenders will be able to use these things to contain their urges.  
Are these "toys" relatively harmless? Or, is there more to this quickly-growing phenomenon? Are they a possible answer for public safety, or are these actually the equivalent of a "sexual assault rifle", which could trigger a serial rapist, or allow a child predator to groom more effectively?
Could these be an unwitting Trojan Horse, born in the mind's of very dark and deviant individuals?  If embraced, could these open a Pandora's Box of evil, the fall out of which will be hard anticipate, and just as hard to contain?
So, are they simply "toys" as some claim, or are they actually a dangerous form of deviance for predators?
Current "industry" estimates are that this "sector" of the international "sex tech industry" is currently valued at over $40 Billion, and growing rapidly. This a HUGE money-making shadow industry  and with it will come the normalization of these, to expand market share, and to ensure that legislation is not passed to make these illegal. The issue is NOT going away. So, we must know what the truth is about the "dolls."
This commentary and analysis of the following video will help shed light on this subject.
WARNING: This contains "Adult" content, and will likely be very disturbing, as it is presented without being edited, as it was originally aired on the very popular prime-time cable show, Extreme Love.   
Ever wonder what it would be like to hear a predator's words analyzed in "real time," to see what is really going on in their brains?  We do just that, as we take a close look at Sex Slave recruiter-predator, Allison Mack 


Q&A: Is there a test that a church can give its staff and volunteers to detect a dangerous person?
Kim Wall likely fell prey to the myth propagated by Fifty-Shades of Grey. Her killer said to have "acted with sexual a motive."
Here is the story, and brief podcast commentary: