When We're Called to do the Hard Thing

Given the day in which we live, it should come as no surprise that those who choose to stand against darkness, will find themselves on the receiving end of people energized by that which hates having their dark deeds unmasked.  Whether with unending attacks upon a President by those simply hellbent on removing him lest he unmask their darkness and drain the swamp, or those on a lower level, who are confronted with moral dilemmas, who elect to step-up and do the right thing, those motivated by dark intentions don't take kindly to being unmasked, exposed, and prevented from creating any more victims.
Beginning with Church Protect, then also with SurvivorSupport.net, his mission has remained consistent and unchanging: to support Survivors in their journey to healing and protect them against the most sophisticated of Predators who would seek to target them. As such he not only has addressed issues pertain to the healing journey of Survivors, but also has found it necessary to address issues pertaining to the minds and methods of the most sophisticated of Predators. This has necessitated his addressing some very dark topics, including the Red Flag characteristics of Predators, and the ways in which they masquerade themselves, hide their identities on line (especially on social media), and hide within certain groups and Movements which lend themselves to such Predators hiding their identities, their intentions, and directly accessing vulnerable kids to groom and exploit them.  And, it is this work of unmasking the darkness and deception of such porn-fueled deviant Predators that has enraged some of their key Apologists (AKA co-conspirators &/or Predators).
What are some examples of what Jon has posted that has caused them to become so fixated on him so as to coordinate efforts to silence him? Here a but a few (many more can be seen at SurvivorSuppor.net, under the 'Insights' tab).
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As Jon predicted, what happens when men, who hide 100% of their online identities, discover someone who is unmasking how Predators use such groups to groom kids? They will make it their mission to debate, deny, discredit, slander and even silence that voice... by any means possible... lest parents begin to awaken to the dangers.
And, just how intensely do these deviant people (primarily porn-fueled men who hide their 100% of their identities online Red Flag... which is a Huge Red Flag in terms of Predator Characteristics) want to silence Jon's message? Enough to track his every post, and strategically coordinate attacks to get him banned from Twitter and Facebook, to lodge complaints against his professional license, and to target his place(s) of employment. Additionally, they have attempted to do a deep dive into all aspects of his personal and professional life, in order to find any dirt on him, in order to slander and besmirch his credibility. To what extent do they use social media to coordinate such efforts between their deviant groups?  
Given the day in which we live, it should come as no surprise that those who choose to stand against darkness, will find themselves on the receiving end of people energized by that which hates having their dark deeds unmasked.  Whether with unending attacks upon a President by those simply hellbent on removing him lest he unmask their darkness and drain the swamp, or those on a lower level, who are confronted with moral dilemmas, who elect to step-up and do the right thing, those motivated by dark intentions don't take kindly to being unmasked, exposed, and prevented from creating any more victims.
As a result of the very adept distortion of facts by these deviant anonymous individuals, Church Protect has felt compelled to "set the record straight", by sharing that which Jon K. Uhler preferred to keep from being a focus of public attention (despite the following being something he is most proud of), as he has always wanted the focus to be on the mission fo supporting and protecting Survivors. However, due to his addressing the dangers of Predators embedding themselves within the deviant group called Furries, hiding among those who use anime to attract kids online, and among those men who cross dress to gain direct access to children via Drag Queen Story Hour, a campaign of slander, disinformation, and complete fabrication was undertaken and coordinated to by such deviant men discredit Jon and his message. As one of the visitors to Jon's Facebook page wrote in response to seeing such attacks toward him...
So, to what extent do they hate Jon and his message? Enough to orchestrate a coordinated effort to have his professional license revoked, or utter threats and send things in the mail to his home... which would constitute terroristic threats. Notice how 'Bones' (who's above posts openly promotes the practice of Bestiality), and the anonymous 'Hamburger' ( who changed his name from BepisDrink [a name which can have pedophile meaning] as you will see below to avoid possible law enforcement tracing, after realizing that Jon took a screen shot of such a threat) openly target Jon. And, note how such anonymous men inevitably have multiple accounts... as that is a method so often employed to interact with and groom children online.
The attacks were initially aimed to get him banned from Twitter and Facebook, which only produced temporary success for the Predator Apologists. As such, they decided to take things to another level, by besmirching his professional career and planting seeds of doubt in people's minds about his professional background, and by spinning false narratives over the retaliation he endured for his involvement in a national, ground-breaking case on inmate abuse, all toward silencing his message. Thus, in order to "set the record straight", Jon Uhler has given Church Protect permission to not only post his Professional Reviews (to help people maintain their confidence in his professionalism, his integrity, and his mission), but also to put to rest the spin that Jon was successfully charged with a crime. Just as we saw with an attempted impeachment of a President, it's easy to create a false narrative, to then craft bogus charges, for the express purpose of besmirching someone's character... all the while knowing that they will eventually dismissed. But, that's how it is when truly guilty people in positions of power decide to retaliate for being exposed and called to account.
One of the slanderous accusations being leveled by these deviant groups against Jon on social media is that he was fired from the PA Dept. of Corrections. So, what's the truth? He decided to retire after serving 11+ years on psychology staff... having started the nation's first intensive residential treatment program for mental health inmates in Solitary Confinement, and having logged more clinical contact hours than any other prison psychology staff member in the US... in order to devote full time to his speaking and training with ChurchProtect.org, and to start SurvivorSupport.net. And, for the record... he retired at the end of Feb. 2016 with full benefits, and a letter from the institution's Superintendent kindly "wishing him well in [his] future endeavors.
So, what's the truth about Jon K. Uhler? What kind of professional was he during his time within the prison system... as he worked tirelessly with the inmates he treated?  Well, to avoid anyone suggesting that he wasn't "laying all his cards out on the table", he decided to do what few would do, and grant us permission to actually post his last few official annual performance evaluations to let the reader decide for him/herself (please note: there was no performance evaluation for his last year, do to there being no Chief Psychologist assigned to the prison his last year, to do a performance review). Who would be willing to go that far to permit a glimpse into his life? A man of integrity, who is all about protecting vulnerable Survivors and kids from sophisticated Predators who would target them. That's the kind of man Jon K. Uhler is, and we are proud of him for that.
What are the facts with respect to Jon Uhler's professional background? He maintains an active professional license in 2 states... which means he has passed 2 rigorous and extensive criminal & personal background checks, so you can be doubly sure he is "the real deal", with no skeletons in his closet. If there were, he certainly would not have served as a key witness for the PA Dept. of State in 2018 against a key official within the PA Dept. of Corrections (seen at the end of this page). But, to ensure full confidence, and to address spurious slander put out onto social media by "Furries" and other deviant men who hide their online identities (a Huge Red Flag), he has permitted us to post the last few Annual Reviews he received while a part of the Psych Department in the PA DOC. We figure, this should help clarify once and for all, whether he was dismissed (as some slanderous "Predator Apologists" have attempted to suggest)... or whether he retired with high commendations, full benefits... and with the admiration of those worked closely with him.
So, what's the take away from all of this? You can trust what Jon K. Uhler says when he speaks to matters related to Predators, and it is important to know that, if you choose to stand for truth and for righteousness, you will become a target for those motivated by dark things. But, that's where Mt. 5:11-12 comes in doesn't it? 
Still, some may wonder what kind of professional was he with the inmates? Well, he received many letters of thanks from the men over the years, both while they were in prison, and after they were released. However, as most staff in prison know, it is almost unheard of to receive a "thank you" from a family member after the inmate has been released. Why? Because their lives move forward, and, understandably, they want to move beyond those experiences. That's why when Jon received such letters received from the family members they were most precious to him, as he knew it took quite a bit of extra emotional effort for a family member to go to the trouble of sending a "thank you."
Those are the letters that really touched him over the years, as they were most gratifying to hear from those who could confirm actual positive changes in their family member, from before they went in to after they got out.  So, we convinced Jon to let people see one of those letters. As you read the following (it was a Christmas card), it will become apparent to what extent he was appreciated by both the inmates and their family members, and just how much Jon was willing to invest of himself in the lives of men who weren't even technically assigned to him. 
Scripture is filled with the truth that there may well come a day in each person's life when he/she is faced with a significant moral dilemma, where they are forced to decide whether to step-up and do the right thing on behalf of other's being significantly negatively impacted by others... or to pretend not to see, to turn a blind eye, to rationalize away the moral and spiritual responsibility of rescuing the oppressed and protecting those who are unable to speak for themselves.  It is in those moment's that the Lord is watching, waiting to uphold those willing to answer the call (Isa. 63:5).  
Though few knew, it was just such a situation, behind the walls of a Pennsylvania prison, where no-one would know or hear, that Psychological Services Specialist, Jon K. Uhler, elected to step-up. Instead of protecting his career, reputation, and his own comfort, he "blew the whistle" on the abuse of mental health inmates within a solitary confinement setting, and he was joined by two of his other co-workers. Together, the three psychology staff members would play the key role in the nation's first case against a prison system for sanctioning the abuse of mental health inmates in solitary confinement. And, it would be this case that would initiate the changes throughout the nation, with regard to ending the punitive use of long-term Solitary Confinement as punishment against inmates with mental health diagnosis. 
Predictably, as a large, closed systems become morally dark, it doesn't take kindly to light. As a result of their actions, the 3 whistle blowers were systematically targeted for removal. The first  of the 3 had allegation fabricated against her, and was gone within weeks of the first coworker's "sudden retirement" (she elected to retire, as opposed to have them slander her name and reputation). Next, allegations of "Christian proselytizing". Yep, you read that right... after the US DOJ Investigation got underway, allegations were made against Jon Uhler by none other than the man being investigated, Chief Psychologist, James D. Harrington. Hmmm... suddenly, 8 years into his stellar employment career... poof... allegations are suddenly made against him. Who would have imagined?). After a formal PA DOC investigation, those spurious charges were unsuccessful... much to the consternation of James Harrington and others.
However, as is so true about those who don't take kindly to having their dark deeds unmasked, James Harrington displayed an unusual degree of persistence toward ensuring that the remaining two whistle blowers would meet the same professional fate as their co-worker. So, he simply regrouped, in order to look for another opportunity to retaliate against Jon Uhler, for his part in blowing the whistle on the abuse of mental health inmates in Solitary Confinement.  Though it took James Harrington 2 additional years of dogged determination, he and others who had been named in the US DOJ Findings once again lodge allegations against Jon... but this time with gusto. They would actually go so far as to charge him with bogus crimes. And, they were especially pleased with themselves this time around, as they managed to get the local small town newspaper to feature the alleged "charges"... all to add to the smear campaign.
No doubt, they felt as though it was "mission accomplished". However, what they didn't count on was the judge who would review the manufactured charges quickly saw through their act of retaliation, saw through such a blatantly corrupt strategy employed by the PA DOC to slander Jon Uhler's good name and reputation. What did the judge do as a result? He looked at Jon with an understanding glance, noted how "unusual" it was for such charges to be leveled against such a professional, and... dismissal of all charges. From beginning to end, the entire charade was put to rest within 5 months.  Jon was vindicated, another retaliatory plan was thwarted, the perpetrators were dismayed, and Jon's record and reputation were unblemished. 
As was the case prior to such a strategic attempted smear, his personal and professional record remains sterling to this day... which is why he continues to hold active professional licenses within 2 states. Such licensing background checks are detailed and robust, and both state licensing review processes found him to be credible, ethical, and entirely professional. 
Understandably, Jon elected to retire (with full benefits) after that experience. The last remaining staff was targeted, with allegations made of her not being able to maintain her job performance. Thus, she retired a years later.  Though each three whistle blowers paid a significant personal and professional price for stepping-up... 
The wheels of divine justice would prove to be active... as the Scriptures are filled with the truth that the Lord upholds those who are willing to do what is right, those who act with integrity... those who risk it all in order to protect those being oppressed, and will vindicate those who do right (Psalm 57:2-3). 
It was in Oct., 2018, two years after his retirement... that another state agency acted... but this time, it would be PA Dept. of State bringing formal charges against licensed psychologist (Institutional/Regional Psychologist for the PA DOC), James D. Harrington, listing multiple counts of unprofessional conduct, relating to his role in permitting the abuse and suicide of numerous mental health inmates under his watch. Unlike the bogus charges James Harrington et al. had managed to get lodged against Jon Uhler, these were real charges, based in reality, much of  which stemmed from the findings of the US Dept. of Justice's exhaustive investigation. And the outcome? Over a year later, and after exhausting the appeals process, on 12-2-19, the PA Board of Psychology issued a scathing rebuke of James Harrington, finding him guilty on all charges, and permanently revoking his professional psychology licenseThough a long time in coming, such vindication was heartening to Jon Uhler and his coworkers, knowing that the Lord will judge those who perpetrate injustice, and will vindicate those who do what is right, just, and fair (Psa. 52:1-5; Psa. 50:16-23). 
What's the take-away from all of this? As Jon has written,
"In each of our lives, we are confronted with moral dilemmas of different sizes, of varying degrees of significance. Some of those may be small, some quite significant. It is at such moments we find out what we're made of, what our core values are, and whether we will do the hard thing... regardless of the personal price. Like Moses in the Old Testament, may we each strive daily to be ready to do what's right, to put principle over pragmatism, to engage when it comes to protecting others being harmed... for that is the high calling and high price of the road less traveled."
As an aside... because of Jon Uhler's key role in bringing the abuse of inmates to light, his role of protecting those who could not speak up for themselves, and because of his exemplary and unblemished personal and professional background, he has been asked to serve again as a key witness in an upcoming civil case, filed by the family of one of the inmates who killed himself under James Harrington's watch (which has named many within the PA DOC including James D. Harrington), as being negligent and culpable in their individual capacities for the harm endured by vulnerable mental health inmates.
Though it is sometimes hard to convey what the abuse of lower functioning and/or mental health inmates looks like to those who've never experience what solitary confinement is like, the following will give you a sense of how otherwise normal looking officers can reveal a very dark, cruel, and sadistic bent.
Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 9.12.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 4.42.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 6.15.27 PM.png
The heart-wrenching letter below, written from the mother of one of the young men who committed suicide due to their maltreatment under the blind eye of James D. Harrington, will give you an idea why Jon K. Uhler elected "to put it all on the line" to protect vulnerable inmates, such as Brandon from any further abuse. It is this case that Jon will be serving as an important witness. Where few were willing to step up to do the right thing, Jon did... and, we couldn't be more proud of him. 
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 7.55.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 7.36.06 PM.png
The following was sent to Jon, and his other 2 colleagues, after they testified against James Harrington, by the Senior Prosecutor for the PA Dept. of State, upon her learning of the Hearing Examiner's findings and recommendations to the Board of Psychology: