Aug 2019

In the following, you will find a compilation of "Tweets" and "Posts" by Church Protect's Founder, Jon K. Uhler, MS, LPC. ( @JonKUhlerLPC

Facebook/JonUhler      . These represent a small portion of what he addresses each month, as he focuses on a wide variety of topics dealing with both Predators and Survivors.

As Church Protect's mission is to educate churches and other organizations on the true nature of the most sophisticated of Predators (those who specifically select churches and people of faith as their "primary targets of opportunity"), the information contained in these bite-sized nuggets of truth are designed to equip the reader to better understand the inner world and mindset of the Sophisticated Sexual Predator, in order to equip good people to better protect children and other vulnerable individuals from such Predators.

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Though the following pictures are very disturbing,

it is important to see who was contacted, and to realize that,

as of the posting of the following on Twitter on 8-5-19,


Should someone elect to respond, their name will be mentioned.

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