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Organizational Consulting
All Consultations and Executive Trainings are personally conducted by Jon K. Uhler, MS., LPC
&  Executive Training

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is scheduled on a per-hour basis in terms of length (may be longer if desired, given the anticipated complexity of the situation involved), and affords an opportunity to receive professional advice on matters related to suspected predators and/or abuse survivors.

Pleased be advised that clergy are now Mandated Reporters, and are legally required to report either knowledge of or even the suspicion of abuse, whether toward a child or adult. Though advice provided by Jon K. Uhler, is not to be misconstrued with professional therapy, he will still fulfill the role of a Mandated Reporter should actual or suspected abuse be conveyed to him.

Board or Group Consultation

Ideal for church or ministry Boards, or for a consultation where decision-makers and/or concerned individuals can be together while they discuss and receive expert professional input, feedback, direction, and recommendations about matters related to a potential predator and/or supporting a survivor(s) and her/his family. In the event of needed disclosure to a church or an entire organization, a sound and practical multi-faceted plan of action can be developed, which takes into consideration multiple factors.

Executive & Leadership Training


Cost effective & convenient, an online training (either single or multiple locations), can be scheduled for a single hour, partial-day, or an entire day. Perfect for ensuring maximum attendance and participation, in the location of you choosing , without the expense of travel and hotel accommodations. Additionally, as the online format allows for audience participation, questions and comments can be fielded in real-time, ensuring an engaging experience for all involved.

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