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Sample of questions integrated into 
Church Protect's
Predator Evaluation & Risk Profile (PERP) Index ©
  1. To what extent has the person changed? How can you tell?
  2. To what extent is he contrite? How can you be sure?
  3. To what extent is he able to now be trusted? To what extent?
  4. To what extent did he "slip up" in the past, vs. having been purposeful in his actions?
  5. To what extent does he fit the profile of a dangerous convicted pedophile? How can you tell?
  6. To what extent is he/she reaching out for help and in need of your support, or are you being taken for a ride? How do you discern?
  7. To what extent is he/she really looking for a church family vs. simply an opportunity to pull the wool over your eye as they are planning their next act of perpetration? How can you be sure?
  8. How did the information originally come to your attention?
  9. How long did it take him to disclose about his past perpetration?
  10. What was the nature of his offense?
  11. What is his criminal conviction profile? 
  12. What methods did he employ to groom his victims?
  13. How did his attraction to children or youth begin, and how did it progress?
  14. Has he informed you of whether he was molested as a child?
  15. Did he disclose what type of pornography he used?
  16. What did he note to be his greatest concerns and "triggers."
  17. What level of treatment has he completed?
  18. How long did it take him to complete treatment?
  19. What is the name of the Sex Offender curriculum he completed?
  20. Was he assigned to Low or High intensity treatment?  
  21. Can he describe what insights he gained from his treatment?
  22. To what extent did he highlight low self-esteem as a contributing factor for his addictive cycle and offending?
  23. Can he describe his addictive cycle?
  24. Can he describe his relapse prevention plan?
  25. How many counts was he facing, and were any of them pled down?
  26. To what Tier has he been assigned?
  27. To what extent has he complied with the boundaries that have been established by your church leadership Board?
  28. To what extent has he crafted his responses to you based upon "prep books" about how to best pass clinical forensic interviews, such as the PCL-R? How can you tell?
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