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Predator ID ©
Risk Assessment
Threat Evaluation
Specially designed for churches, ministries and other organizations, the Predator ID program offers professional expert case consultation, designed to assess and evaluate the degree of actual or potential threat posed by a suspected individual or known sexual predator.​ This consultation and evaluation allows for the identification of a wide range of characteristics indicative of various kinds of sexual predators. During this process, Church Protect's own PERP Index© will be utilized, from which a real-time personality profile and threat analysis will be derived.
Based upon clinical insights derived from professionally evaluating and treating well over 4,000 sex offenders during the course 11 years "behind bars," Church Protect's, Co-founder and Director, Jon K. Uhler, MS. LPC, has developed the Predator Evaluation & Risk Profile (PERP) Index ©
This expertly developed qualitative assessment tool is unique to the Church Protect Predator ID consultation, and not only serves an invaluable role in the process of discussing and evaluating each case, but also as the basis of assessing degrees of: (1) potential deviance and psychopathy, (2) likely level of risk, and the (3) threat level potentiality. The benefit of such an assessment and evaluation is that it is provided verbally, in understandable language, alleviating the need to sift through pages of technical forensic clinical terms and language. And, the information then forms the basis of the verbal advice you will receive pertaining to your specific situation during the 3 hour case consultation, assessment, & evaluation, from which you will be able to make informed decisions and develop a strategic plan of action, which will be developed and modified in real-time.
Remember... there is simply too much at stake not to be accurate when dealing with a potential or known threat. Don't take chances if you have concerns. Ensure your decision was made with the knowledge that you did as much as you could do, by accessing the best assessment and evaluation available.

Predator Risk Assessment & Potential Threat Evaluation

Case Consultation (3 hrs)


Question about scheduling an Assessment & Evaluation? Or, to add additional detail to your order for the Evaluation you just ordered, use the contact box below, and we will be happy to respond.
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