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The threats to churches and ministries are real, for dangerous sexual predators are intent upon disguising themselves to gain access and acceptance, laying in wait until the opportune time.
Do you know what to do if a sexual perpetrator is revealed to be in your church, or on your staff? Do you know how best to support the victims and their families?
Do you know which sex offenders might attend your church out of a genuine desire to change vs. which ones will target your church to select his next victims?
Do you know what differentiates one type of sex offender from the other, in terms of the level of risk they pose, and which ones are most likely to re-offend? 
Do you know how to discern the level of risk posed by a former offender in your church when his identity is revealed?
With so much on the line, do not risk going it alone.
Let Church Protect, with its years of professional experience dealing with the full spectrum of sexual offenders, provide you with the best information available. 

What sets Church Protect's trainings apart?

We don't just help you recognize the "red flags" and warning signs of the most dangerous of sexual predators. 

We go beyond helping you recognize the methods of the super predator...

With over a decade of professional forensic clinical treatment experience with thousands of incarcerated sex offenders, we can help you professionally assess the level of clinical risk posed by the entire range of sexual perpetrators, by helping you understand their motives and their minds.


No other training available can even come close to providing the depths of clinical insight that Church Protect can offer, as it helps you to understand both the drives, motives, and heart of the most dangerous of sexual predators, AND as it helps you understand the effects of trauma experienced by those who have been sexually abused, and how you can best support them during their journey into healing.  

What sets Church Protect apart?
Video Highlights
Training & Development is a Significant Part of our Mission
Predator Identification & Child Protection Intensive Training
One-of-a-kind training

What makes Church Protect's training so unique?

   Our years of professional clinical experience working with both sexual predators and survivors, allows us to help you:

Understand the motivations of Predators 

  • We understand the minds, hearts, and motives of the most sophisticated of child sexual predators better than any other training program. 

  • Our training material stems from actual experience working behind bars with predators (approximately 4000 sex offenders over 11+ years).​

  • Our training material is based upon unique longitudinal research derived while working intensively with the widest range of incarcerated sex offenders.

  • Our training material will not only help you understand the methods used by predators, but, more importantly, understand the mind and motivations of predators.

  • Our training material will help you prepare for the "exceptions" you will inevitably encounter, so you and your church or organization's leadership will know how to respond appropriately and effectively.

Understand the trauma experienced by the Survivor 

  • We understand the mind, hearts, and the impact of the trauma experienced by the abuse survivor better than any other training program. Our training material incorporates 25 years of actual professional clinical experience, spent working with survivors of sexual abuse.

  • Your church or organization will be trained on how best to help create an environment where survivors can finally disclose, and to support the survivors in your church or organization... and, make no mistake... they are there.

That is why we confidently assert that NO other training will provide you with the level of expert knowledge that you will receive from Church Protect

Levels of training programs
Church Protect has set the
Gold Standard for
Levels of training Programs in Predator Detection and
Survivor Support

With so many trainings available from which to chose, how do you know which training will best help to thoroughly equip you, your church, or organization to protect against the most sophisticated of predators, and to help you properly support the survivors of sexual abuse?

Because there is a big difference in the trainings currently available, Church Protect has created the following guide to help you discern the differences in the quality of training program. 

Simply put, no one can train the way Church Protect does, since no other training was developed from an in-depth professional clinical understanding of both the sexual offender or the survivor better than Church Protect.   


That is how and why we have set the "Gold Standard" in training for

predator identification and

survivor support.

Anticipated costs of trainings
What is the anticipated cost for training?
How do you meaningfully Compare the Cost of the available Trainings?
The price for training can vary widely, depending upon the quality or Level of training, and depending upon the level of experience and service a particular company offers. 
With so much on the line, we encourage churches to invest in the best training available.

"Hands down,

the most comprehensive training!"

Non-Church Protect

Second Best

Non-Church Protect

Run of

the Mill




To Schedule a Training, simply use the form to send us your information, and we will contact you to discuss your needs.
Other training options
Other Training Options

Online Video Training

A live webinar can be a convenient and cost effective means of getting Church Protect's training material delivered live, but at a reduced rate. Content can either be tailored to suit, or can address the more popular topics we tackle on a regular basis.  The only thing needed is a computer, projector, and sound system.

Whether you’d like to host a video training in only one location, simultaneously in multiple locations, and/or streamed to many people over their own phones or computers, we can tailor these trainings for your specific needs. Why watch a pre-recorded training video when you can have a tailored live training and interactive training?

On-demand Webinar Access for Live Training Events

$15 per person

During limited live training events, we will offer a link to register for the event online.  When we are on the ground teaching a live audience, anyone anywhere in the world can join online!

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